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DIHK impluse paper: Globalization after Corona

Recommendations of the Network of German Chambers of Industry and Commerce
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Declining international cooperation and crumbling state alliances are currently causing calls for economic protectionism
to grow louder. Have supply chains expanded too far? Is the Corona crisis heralding the beginning of a de-globalization?

Losing the opportunities of globalisation during the Corona crisis would be devastating for German business. For the highly internationalized German economy it is crucial to manage the pandemic crisis without new, additional protectionism. Instead of retreating into economic nationalism, the order of the day is to engage to preserve the international division of labour as well as international value chains based on rule-based trade and EU leadership on these issues.

More in our DIHK impulse paper:

Globalization after Corona (PDF, 707 KB)

Which trade policy challenges came with the pandemic situation and what to do, the DIHK impuls paper is giving informations about:

Corona - Trade Policy Challenges (PDF, 82 KB)

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Mann im Haus der Deutschen Wirtschaft
Klemens Kober Director International Trade Policy, EU-Costums, Transatlatic Relations