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The long way out of the crisis

DIHK Economic Survey February 2021
shopping street without people where all stores are closed

Corona is still defining the economic life in Germany.

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In the midst of the renewed lockdown in numerous sectors of the economy, German companies overall assess their current situation worse than in fall 2020.

At the beginning of 2021, 29 percent of companies across all sectors of the economy assess their situation as good and 32 percent as poor. The balance of good and poor assessments is thus minus three points (fall 2020: minus one point). The economic sectors assess their situation very differently. The situation in the construction industry remains good (balance 39 after 44 points previously) and that of manufacturing industry has brightened considerably with a positive balance of six points (fall 2020: minus 10 points). However, the manufacturing industry is still below the long-term average of 23 points. The trade and services sectors, which have been particularly affected by the renewed lockdown, have given significantly worse assessments of the situation: The trade sector assesses its situation with a balance of minus five points (fall 2020: plus five points). With a balance of minus 12 points (fall 2020: minus three points), service providers are currently facing even greater challenges.

Below you can find more information about the economic situation of german companies in the beginning of 2021 and in Fall 2020.


Porträtfoto Carolin Herweg
Carolin Herweg Director International Economy