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International economy

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Melanie Vogelbach Managing Director International Economic Policy
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The DIHK stands up for the interests of German foreign trade with respect to politicians. With position papers on free and fair trade and, for example, protection against product piracy, the DIHK is at the forefront of providing advice to decision-makers at the Federal Ministries and in Parliament. Learn more about the DIHK's international activities and find some interesting surveys.

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More and more laws have their origin in the EU and therefore have a direct impact on companies. The DIHK team in Brussels is committed to representing the interests of German business and is in direct contact with the decision-makers of the EU Commission, Parliament and Council. More details can be found here.

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Dual vocational education and training abroad

Supporting companies, who want to form and educate skilled workers abroad according to german quality standards: With this aim the AHKs, IHKs and the DIHK engage together for dual vocational education and training in foreign countries.

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The German Chambers of Commerce Abroad

The Germand Chambers of Commerce Abroad advise, support and represent German companies worldwide that want to establish or expand their foreign business. AHKs are institutions of German foreign trade promotion.

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DIHK impluse paper: Globalization after Corona

Declining international cooperation and crumbling state alliances are currently causing calls for economic protectionism to grow louder. Have supply chains expanded too far? Is the Corona crisis heralding the beginning of a de-globalization?

International Surveys

Various surveys conducted by the DIHK organization reflect the situation in the international relations of the German economy:

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AHK World Business Outlook Spring 2021

The recovery of the global economy is gaining momentum and a majority of German companies abroad hope to make up for the losses of the past year. What German companies expect in the upcoming 12 months and more informations you can find here.

Hamburger Hafen für Going International 2020

Going International 2021

Even before the Corona crisis, global trade conflicts, new customs duties and trade barriers determined the reality of internationally-oriented companies in Germany: This is shown by the "Going International" 2021 survey, which collected responses from around 2,500 companies at the beginning of the year.

More Information

Brexit, Corona or trade policy: The CCI organisation contributes to the debate on current topics with idea papers, comments or position papiers, checklists and other informations: