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DIHK Whistleblowing Platform

Integrity Line: How legal and compliance violations can be reported to the DIHK
DIHK Grafik Whistleblowing Platform


Since mid-2023, the German Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DIHK) has set up an anonymous whistleblowing platform. Possible legal and compliance violations can be reported to the DIHK via the DIHK Integrity Line. They are then carefully examined in order to prevent misconduct within the umbrella organisation of chambers of industry and commerce. Further information and the link to the whistleblower system can be found here.

Compliance with all applicable laws and regulations is a matter of course for the DIHK - both at national and international level. The DIHK takes violations of rules and laws very seriously. Accordingly, the DIHK investigates every report, clarifies the circumstances and puts an end to the misconduct.

DIHK against corruption, bribery and discrimination

The DIHK condemns all forms of corruption and bribery. The DIHK does not provide any benefits to third parties and does not obtain any benefits in an unlawful manner.

When working with service providers, suppliers and freelancers, procurement law is observed in accordance with internal procurement guidelines. It ensures that contracts are awarded without discrimination and in free competition.

One of our greatest strengths is the pooling of expertise of our employees from many different countries and cultures. Any form of discrimination is not compatible with our values and is therefore not tolerated.

Anonymous whistleblowing platform

Our employees, partner organisations, suppliers and other parties can use our anonymous whistleblower platform to report possible legal and compliance violations. The DIHK Integrity Line enables anonymous contact with the responsible internal office at DIHK. Information or concerns about possible violations of laws and/or internal guidelines can be submitted here.

Every report is carefully scrutinised. If necessary, measures are taken to prevent misconduct.


Porträt Alexander Kühne
Alexander Kühne Director Combating Corruption