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German economy

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Melanie Vogelbach Managing Director International Economic Policy

Economic Policy

The Chambers of Commerce and Industry are committed in the regions to strengthening the business location and improving framework conditions for companies: whether this involves, for example, a better transport infrastructure, lower tax burdens or issues of regional subsidies and urban development – the Chambers of Commerce and Industry are competent partners and voice of the regional economy!

In coordination with the CCIs in the regions, the German Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DIHK) advocates a policy to the political decision-makers in Berlin and Brussels which is consistent with the overall interests of the industrial economy: less bureaucracy, simpler and more transparent tax law, as well as the strengthening of Germany's competitiveness as a business location are right at the top of the agenda.

In other countries the Chambers of Commerce Abroad represent the interests of local German companies; at the same time the Chambers of Commerce Abroad attempt to obtain investments in Germany as a business location and help companies in this country in opening up foreign markets.

Economic Survey Early Summer 2023

Despite a generally challenging environment, companies in early summer 2023 are proving to be remarkably resilient. This is evident from the DIHK economic survey conducted in May among approximately 21,000 businesses. However, the outlook for the next twelve months remains overall bleak, especially considering the noticeable decline in incoming orders on the demand side.

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Economic Survey February 2023

Germany's companies expect mostly stagnation and sideways movement in the current year. This is the result of the nationwide DIHK business survey of around 27,000 companies from all sectors and regions presented on 9 February. Compared to last autumn's DIHK business survey, twice as many companies (16 percent) now expect better business in the next twelve months.

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Economic Survey Fall 2022

German businesses are bracing themselves for another economic slump over the next twelve months. "Companies fear that the worst is yet to come," said DIHK Managing Director Martin Wansleben on 2 November at the presentation of the results of the nationwide IHK business survey of a total of more than 24,000 companies from all sectors and regions.